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In preparation for my MMA fights, I use Jeannie at Milwaukie Massage Therapy for deep tissue massage.  Jeannie is an amazing therapist who responds great to the needs of an athlete.  I have never felt so healthy and I attribute much of that to Jeannie's massage abilities and knowledge of the body.  I would 100% recommend anyone to visit Milwaukie Massage Therapy.  Thanks Jeannie!

–Corey S.,
Tualatin, OR

Jeannie did a wonderful job giving massages at our Ladies’ Weekend; it was the perfect way to set the tone of the get-together.

Portland, OR

I started an intense workout program about a year ago and am always sore. Thankfully, Jeannie has flexible hours and can see me when my body hurts. Not to mention she does a fantastic job of taking away the pain from tight muscles.

Oak Grove, OR

I didn't want my massage to end. I was so relaxed I needed a driver to get me home safe!

–Jena N.,
Milwaukie, OR

I was diagnosed with whiplash and a concussion as a result of a bad car accident.  I received a prescription for massage from my doctor and was referred to Jeannie for treatment.  Within two months, she helped relieve all of my pain while speeding up my recovery.  I have been very grateful for her expert technique that has healed both muscular and nerve injuries without causing soreness.  Her hands are magic!

–Nadine F.,
Portland, OR

After my auto accident I was in a lot of pain. Jeannie's therapy was a huge part of my recovery. I feel lucky to have a massage therapist who is so professional and who really understands the nature of my injuries.

–Steve S.,
Milwaukie, OR

As a competitive weight lifter, over 40, I am constantly dealing with soreness and muscular tightness and strains that are only alleviated by pinpoint stretching and deep tissue massage.  Jeannie Brickley’s massage knowledge, patience and constant thirst for acquiring new therapeutic techniques have been an essential part of my training and recovery regimen since 2007.  I have recommended other athletes to her practice, who have in turn recommended others.  I consider myself fortunate to know Jeannie as a therapist and now a friend.

–Travis J.,
Milwaukie, OR

I love getting massage from Jeannie. Her room is peaceful and she knows just what I need for my massage.  I usually have upper back and shoulder pain.  Jeannie gives me the exact pressure I need.  I love the heat packs she puts on my shoulders while she massages my legs.  After a massage from Jeannie, my pain is all gone!

–Carol F.,
Portland, OR

After snowboarding and jamming my neck pretty good, I went to see Jeannie.  I was so relieved and my neck was restored to full mobility!   Jeannie has wonderful healing hands.

–Betsy P.,
Portland, OR