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Motor Vehicle Accidents and Medical Massage

Jeannie at Milwaukie Massage Therapy has extensive experience in medical massage and in treating Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) injuries along with knowledge of how to comply with the car insurance company requirements for billing, chart notes, progress reports and any other required documentation.   Jeannie will bill the patient's car insurance company directly through his/her Personal Injury Protection "PIP" insurance.  There is usually no out-of-pocket expense to the patient.  

IMPORTANT:  PATIENT MUST HAVE A PRESCRIPTION FOR MASSAGE (FROM A PHYSICIAN) BEFORE WE WILL TREAT HIM/HER.  MVA injuries are treated with a prescription for massage from a Chiropractor, Osteopath, Naturopath or Medical Doctor.  Jeannie deals directly with the physician to discuss the patient's diagnosis, treatment plan, any contraindications for treatment along with providing progress reports, when requested. 

NOTE:  In Oregon individuals who have been injured in a MVA have the legal right to choose who provides medical treatment to them.  By law, the patient's insurance company is not allowed to tell the patient whom (specifically) to seek treatment from.  In other words, the patient may seek treatment from any qualified physician whether the physician is someone the patient is currently seeing for other medical reasons or is a new choice of provider.

What we need from the patient:

  • Prescription for massage from a Physician (Naturopath, Osteopath, Chiropractor or Medical Doctor)
  • Name of the injured party (as shown on insurance card)
  • Date of birth
  • Claim Number (from patient's insurance company)
  • Claim Representative's name and phone number
  • Date of accident
  • Completed Intake Forms (click on the link at the bottom of this page to print out the insurance information intake form).  Patient will be required to complete 2 more intake forms on the day of the first office visit.



I was diagnosed with whiplash and a concussion as a result of a bad car accident.  I received a prescription for massage from my doctor and was referred to Jeannie for treatment.  Within two months, she helped relieve all of my pain while speeding up my recovery.  I have been very grateful for her expert technique that has healed both muscular and nerve injuries without causing soreness.  Her hands are magic!

–Nadine F.,
Portland, OR

After my auto accident I was in a lot of pain. Jeannie's therapy was a huge part of my recovery. I feel lucky to have a massage therapist who is so professional and who really understands the nature of my injuries.

–Steve S.,
Milwaukie, OR