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Sports and Athletic Massage

Sports Massage is designed to enhance athletic performance, prevent and treat injuries, decrease muscle soreness and lactic acid build-up, improve circulation, create more flexibility in and around joints and can be used to reduce or stimulate muscle tone.  See our Sports Massage page for more details.



In preparation for my MMA fights, I use Jeannie at Milwaukie Massage Therapy for deep tissue massage.  Jeannie is an amazing therapist who responds great to the needs of an athlete.  I have never felt so healthy and I attribute much of that to Jeannie's massage abilities and knowledge of the body.  I would 100% recommend anyone to visit Milwaukie Massage Therapy.  Thanks Jeannie!

–Corey S.,
Tualatin, OR

I started an intense workout program about a year ago and am always sore. Thankfully, Jeannie has flexible hours and can see me when my body hurts. Not to mention she does a fantastic job of taking away the pain from tight muscles.

Oak Grove, OR

As a competitive weight lifter, over 40, I am constantly dealing with soreness and muscular tightness and strains that are only alleviated by pinpoint stretching and deep tissue massage.  Jeannie Brickley’s massage knowledge, patience and constant thirst for acquiring new therapeutic techniques have been an essential part of my training and recovery regimen since 2007.  I have recommended other athletes to her practice, who have in turn recommended others.  I consider myself fortunate to know Jeannie as a therapist and now a friend.

–Travis J.,
Milwaukie, OR

After snowboarding and jamming my neck pretty good, I went to see Jeannie.  I was so relieved and my neck was restored to full mobility!   Jeannie has wonderful healing hands.

–Betsy P.,
Portland, OR

Sport Events (pre and post-event massage)

Pre-event massage can be done in our office (the day before) or at the sport event.  The purpose of receiving a massage before an event is to enable the athlete to increase athletic performance by warming up and preparing the muscles for the upcoming stress the body will endure during competition.  Massage will help get the athlete "pumped up" and ready to compete.

Post-event massage consists of stretching and cooling down the muscles along with treating muscle cramps and spasms that may have occurred during the event.  Hydrotherapy is used when indicated.

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Medical Massage

Jeannie at Milwaukie Massage Therapy has extensive experience in medical massage and in treating Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) injuries along with knowledge of how to comply with the car insurance company requirements for billing, chart notes, progress reports and any other required documentation.   Jeannie will bill the patient's car insurance company directly through his/her Personal Injury Protection "PIP" insurance.  There is usually no out-of-pocket expense to the patient.  

IMPORTANT:  PATIENT MUST HAVE A PRESCRIPTION FOR MASSAGE (FROM A PHYSICIAN) BEFORE WE WILL TREAT HIM/HER.  MVA injuries are treated with a prescription for massage from a Chiropractor, Osteopath, Naturopath or Medical Doctor.  Jeannie deals directly with the physician to discuss the patient's diagnosis, treatment plan, any contraindications for treatment along with providing progress reports, when requested. 

NOTE:  In Oregon individuals who have been injured in a MVA have the legal right to choose who provides medical treatment to them.  By law, the patient's insurance company is not allowed to tell the patient whom (specifically) to seek treatment from.  In other words, the patient may seek treatment from any qualified physician whether the physician is someone the patient is currently seeing for other medical reasons or is a new choice of provider.

What we need from the patient:

  • Prescription for massage from a Physician (Naturopath, Osteopath, Chiropractor or Medical Doctor)
  • Name of the injured party (as shown on insurance card)
  • Date of birth
  • Claim Number (from patient's insurance company)
  • Claim Representative's name and phone number
  • Date of accident
  • Completed Intake Forms (click on the link at the bottom of this page to print out the insurance information intake form).  Patient will be required to complete 2 more intake forms on the day of the first office visit.



I was diagnosed with whiplash and a concussion as a result of a bad car accident.  I received a prescription for massage from my doctor and was referred to Jeannie for treatment.  Within two months, she helped relieve all of my pain while speeding up my recovery.  I have been very grateful for her expert technique that has healed both muscular and nerve injuries without causing soreness.  Her hands are magic!

–Nadine F.,
Portland, OR

After my auto accident I was in a lot of pain. Jeannie's therapy was a huge part of my recovery. I feel lucky to have a massage therapist who is so professional and who really understands the nature of my injuries.

–Steve S.,
Milwaukie, OR

Corporate Chair Massages

Chair massage in the workplace is effective in many ways.  The following are my top 5 reasons everyone needs to take a break from work and get a chair massage:

  • Relieves upper body pain, stress and tension
  • Increases energy, moral and producivity in the workplace
  • Helps to relieve pain and increase mobility with repetitive strain injuries 
  • Decreases tightness, soreness and "knots"
  • Gives employees a valid reason to step away from their desks and do something nice for themselves.

Here is how it works:

Jeannie will come to your place of business fully prepared to help those in need of massage.  All employees/attendees are fully clothed in a safe, confidential and private room.   Jeannie will come in and set-up a specially designed massage chair, provide relaxing music, do a quick intake with each person and offer short and effective massages for you and your employees and/or co-workers.

If your company is celebrating employee appreciation or there is an event where chair massage is needed, call Jeannie to find out her availablity.  Employers will pay at the rate of $75.00 per hour (there is a 3 to 5 hour minimum/8 hour maximum - depending on the situation).  Please note, Jeannie is expected to be paid for the entire time she is scheduled to be on-site, not per massage.


Due to Jeannie's busy practice, she is no longer available to come to an office on a regular basis ~ unless it is on a quarterly basis or less often (up to 4 times per year maximum).

If you have any further questions, please give Jeannie a call at (503) 803-3319.


Special Events/Festivals/Conventions

Jeannie has several years of experience working and running many types of events, festivals and conventions.  She will set-up her own booth or tent, bring other therapists along if needed and provide excellent and professional therapeutic chair massage.

Bachelorette parties/Weddings/Birthday parties

Jeannie will come to you and provide either chair massage, table massage or a mix of the two at your party.  She will bring soothing music and all other supplies needed.  Your job is to relax and let her give you a great massage on your special day.  Please call Jeannie 503.803.3319 to book her for your party.



Jeannie did a wonderful job giving massages at our Ladies’ Weekend; it was the perfect way to set the tone of the get-together.

Portland, OR