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How should I prepare for my first massage session?

We suggest not eating right before a massage (we recommend waiting at least an hour after eating, before receiving a massage). If you are really hungry, a small snack or a piece of fruit is usually okay.

It is also a good idea to be hydrated when you arrive. Occasionally, a massage patient will feel slightly light-headed following a massage. This is usually due to the release of toxins that occur during a massage mixed with ending the massage face down). We also suggest drinking a minimum of 16 ounces of water following your massage treatment.

If you would like to take some water home with you we are happy to provide you with a bottle. Better yet, be earth-friendly and bring your own reusable bottle (you can always keep it cool in our fridge or fill it up in our building). In fact, we will add a few extra minutes to your massage if you bring your own reusable bottle. Just remind the therapist at the beginning of the massage.