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Frequently asked questions


How should I prepare for my first massage session?

We suggest not eating right before a massage (we recommend waiting at least an hour after eating, before receiving a massage). If you are really hungry, a small snack or a piece of fruit is usually okay.

It is also a good idea to be hydrated when you arrive. Occasionally, a massage patient will feel slightly light-headed following a massage. This is usually due to the release of toxins that occur during a massage mixed with ending the massage face down). We also suggest drinking a minimum of 16 ounces of water following your massage treatment.

If you would like to take some water home with you we are happy to provide you with a bottle. Better yet, be earth-friendly and bring your own reusable bottle (you can always keep it cool in our fridge or fill it up in our building). In fact, we will add a few extra minutes to your massage if you bring your own reusable bottle. Just remind the therapist at the beginning of the massage.


How early should I arrive before my first appointment?

Please allow yourself plenty of travel time, time to locate the Oak Grove Business Center (our office is located inside of the building), and approximately 10 minutes to complete our new patient intake form. You do not need to arrive early, but please allow time for a slightly longer appointment on your first visit.


When I locate your office building (the Oak Grove Business Center) where do I go?

When you arrive, please walk through the front door of the business center and follow signs directing you toward Suite 13.  Our office is located on the second floor.  Have a seat in one of the chairs at the bottom of the stairs and Jeannie will come down and greet you at your scheduled time.

Please do not knock on the door when you arrive.  We prefer to come down and greet you unless you are otherwise instructed.  If you have trouble finding your way, give Jeannie a call at 503.803.3319 and she will direct you.  Keep in mind, if you are more than 15 minutes early, she may be with a patient and unable to answer the phone.


What should I expect from my massage experience?

We will ask you what your focus for each massage is and create a treatment plan based on your needs.  This is the time for you to let us know where you are having pain, tension or discomfort.

If you are coming in to relax and not have specific treatment work, just let the therapist know that you want either a full body, upper body or lower body relaxation massage.

Please make sure to specify if you have certain areas where you do not want to be massaged (feet, hands, legs, etc.).  If you have any questions, please ask the therapist before the massage starts.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

You will begin your massage on your back on the massage table, between the sheets (unless otherwise instructed). The therapist will go downstairs to wash her hands before the massage and to give you privacy to dress down to your comfort level.  She will then knock on the door to make sure you are ready for her to come in.

Proper draping of the sheets and blanket is always used for the comfort of patient and therapist.  If at any point anything is uncomfortable please speak up, communication is key and we want you enjoy your experience.

When your massage is finished we will give you privacy to dress.  At that time, please get off the table slowly to help prevent any possible light-headedness.  Open up the fridge and grab a water and a piece of chocolate if you would like.  When you are dressed and ready for the therapist to come back in the room, please be prepared with your form of payment and then crack the door open.


Is there any reason a therapist at Milwaukie Massage Therapy will refuse to give me a massage or end my massage early?

If you have to ask this question, the answer is most likely yes.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with or without a specified reason.

If a patient is being inappropriate in any way, be it verbally or physically, the patient will be asked to leave immediately. 

Note: A payment is always expected when a patient has reserved time on our schedule.  This policy will be enforced either at the time of refusal of service or in a way we deem appropriate for the situation.


Does massage hurt?

At Milwaukie Massage Therapy, we believe massage does not need to hurt in order to be effective.  However, if you are someone who enjoys a lot of pressure we can generally provide as much as you would like, within your comfort level.  Communication is key.


 Which methods of payment do you accept?

Although we prefer cash or check we now accept credit cards. 

Note:  Change is not always available when paying in cash so please bring the exact amount.  See our price list for service fees.


Should I tip?

Tips are appreciated - never expected.  We are more interested in helping you maintain wellness through receiving regular massage.  We have also built our business on patient referrals.  Your personal referrals are invaluable to us.


How can I help promote Milwaukie Massage Therapy?

  • Tell all of your friends and family how much you enjoyed your massage experience.
  • Mention our name when you are talking with athletes - Milwaukie Massage Therapy specializes in Sports Massage and injury treatment & prevention (along with treatment of injuries from motor vehicle accidents).
  • When someone needs a professionally trained and licensed massage therapist for an event, tell them we have a great deal of experience working at all types of events.
  • If you hear someone has been injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) tell them you know of a licensed massage therapist that has extensive experience dealing with motor vehicle accidents/injuries and the insurance billing that comes along with it.  Please see our Motor Vehicle Accident page for more details.
  • A great way to promote us is to rate us anywhere and everywhere on the internet - write a review on Yelp!, Google Places or “like us” on Facebook.